Kyuil Lee
7011 W. Parmer Lane, APT 715.  Austin, TX 78729
M: (760) 672-3194


  • Ability to consistently deliver high quality character motion (for humans and animals) within project budget and timeline.
  • Communicate effectively to problem solve and plan with coworkers on the creation of simple and complex Animation assets.
  • Accomplished and experienced in Hand keyed and motion capture Animation.
  • Professional experience with a variety of Animation tools that can be used for the creation of realistic or stylized content.


Flow State Media, San Jose, CA
Aug 2016 – Apr 2017
Character Animator, Project Manager
Guitar Godz (PS4 VR)

  • created hand key frame animations
  • build proto type game demo for PS4
  • Managing all art assets and artist for the project

2K (Visual Concepts), Novato, CA
Apr 2016 – Aug 2016
Animator (Contract)
NBA 2K17 (Xbox One, PS4)

  • produced indie mobile App game “Urban Fighter”
  • Modification of animations to resolve gameplay issues

Lazy Rabbit Games, Austin, TX
May 2013 – Mar 2016
Producer, Character Animator
Urban Fighter (iOS)

  • Cleanup and repair of motion captured data
  • created 3D animation assets and Art Directing

Squeeplay, Brookline, MA
Sep 2012 – Apr 2013
Overseas Outsourcing Manager (Contract)
Squeedogs: Be a Puppy PI! (facebook game)

  • managed outsource studio production of 3d art assets
  • created 3D animation assets

Six Shooter Games, Gainesville, FL
July 2012 – Apr 2013
Character Animator (Contract)
Unannounced project (Mobile and P.C Platform)

  • contracted for hand key framed character and fish animations for multiple games

Heatwave Interactive, Austin, TX
Mar 2011 – June 2012
Character Animator
Gods and Heroes (PC); Unannounced Games (P.C Platform)

  • Unannounced project for Government educational software (P.C Platform)
  • Hired for key frame character animations for MMORPG
  • Cleanup and repair of old assets

UTV Ignition Entertainment, Gainesville, FL, Austin, TX
Sept 2010 – Mar 2011
Senior Animator
Unannounced X-Platform FPS

  • Hired for key frame and motion capture character animations for cross platform title
  • Cleanup and repair of motion cap

Rockstar Games, San Diego, CA
May 2005 – July 2010
Senior Animator
Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360, PS3); Rockstar Presents Table Tennis (Xbox360)

  • Captured in-house motion capture data, and Maya file conversion
  • Cleanup and repair of motion captured one and two person animations
  • Modification of animations to resolve gameplay issues

Studio Gigante, Chicago, IL
May 2001 – Apr 2005
Character Animator
WrestleMania XXI (Xbox360); Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (Xbox)

  • Creation of key framed one and two person animations, with multiple branches for different outcomes
  • Cleanup and repair of motion captured one and two person animations
  • Retargeting of animations for different sized and proportioned skeletons
  • Modification of animations to help resolve gameplay issues

Self Employed, San Francisco, CA
1999 – 2000
Freelance Animator

  • Character animation of several four legged animals for a dot com client


Academy of Art University, San Francisco
May 1999

  • BFA Computer Arts (3D Character Animation)
  • Fall 1999 ~ Spring 2001 MFA program completed with exception of Final Review